The sanghoki Luckbox Returns



Mondays at the Hoy.

The Luckbox is back.

To be honest with you, I can’t remember the last time I played in a blogger event. From what I’ve read, my get-in-behind-and-suck-out technique seems to be the preferred method for winning these events. All the really talented players are being felted by players who have copied my patented strategies.

Now it’s my turn. Buoyed by my sanghoki  in the Pick 4, I think now is the perfect time to return to the virtual tables.

My only advice to you? Get in behind. I just can’t hold a lead. I am the Mitch Williams of the poker world.

(Am I dating myself? Is the 1993 World Series too long ago? That’s the BASEBALL world series, by the way, not the WSOP. Would it have been better to call myself the Eric Gagne of the poker world? Does anyone watch baseball anymore? Should I be the Memphis-Tigers-in-a-championship-game of the poker world?)

The MATH Live-blog

9:00- My starting table: bayne_s, swimmom95, NumbBono, Julius_Goat, Breeze81, UpForPoker

9:01- bayne_s flops a set of 4s on the first hand, but gets nothing out of it, tough break.

9:04- I fold KQo out of the small blind to an UTG raise from bayne_s. A weak play six-handed, but it’s early. I hate being out of position with such an easily dominated hand.

9:05- My first raise, with KJo from UTG+1. No callers.

9:07- Pocket 6s in the BB, and I call an UTG raise by Breeze81. The flop misses me (J97) and I check. Breeze81 does not follow up with a c-bet. So, either the flop hit him hard and he’s slow playing, or he doesn’t c-bet. Guess I’ll see. I fold to a bet on the turn.

9:08- Pocket Ts this time. I again call a raise. This time, the flop brings just one overcard (J94). swimmom95 leads out and I raise, she calls. The turn is a blank, she checks, I bet about 2/3rds of the pot, she folds. I’m at T3300.

9:14- Pocket 7s. For the third time, I called a preflop raise with a pocket pair. The flop was K93. Julius_Goat c-bet half the pot, which screamed, “Weak!!!” I put out a strong raise and he folded. T3630.

9:16- HAMMER. I raise 3x from the button, as per the poker blogger rule book, and get called from the SB and BB. The flop is T42, checked to me, I bet about 2/3rds and the fold. Show. HAMMER.

9:17- Rockets. Julius_Goat raises in front of me. I just call. Not my normal play, but I give it a shot. Flop comes down K-high, no straight, no flush, great flop for AA. He checks, I bet about half the pot, he check-raises me. I don’t buy it… and I think about just calling. But if he has AK or KQ, I probably felt him, so I re-re-raise. He folds, “not really my night,” he types. T4660.

9:23- And swimmom95 is down almost to the felt (T75). AT vs. AK on an AKJ flop. AK holds up for Julius_Goat.

9:25- My chance to knock out swimmom95. I have JJ, she has 62o. Naturally, she wins the hand, flopping two pair. Told you I play better from behind.

9:27- I double up swimmom95 again when my 89s takes the lead on her A5s on the turn, but she rivers a flush. I have to make sure I take the lead at the river, not before. T4010.

9:30- Pocket 4s. I call a raise, three of us see a flop of K77. Not the worst flop ever. It’s checked around. 9 on the turn, I lead out and get called by both. River is another K. I’m counterfeited and it’s checked around again. bayne_s had pocket Qs, Julius_Goat had JT. Down to T3810.

9:39- swimmom95 doubles up again. KJ outflops AT. From the dead to T1260.

9:42- Pocket 7s. I call and the BB raises to 280. I take a shot at hitting the flop, figuring I’ll get paid off if I do. Flop is T84, two spades. NumbBono insta-pushes for about half my remaining stack. Looking back to a minute or so ago, I think I should have called. I believe NumbBono was pushing no matter what hit the flop. There’s a good chance I was ahead. But I’m still above starting stack, just below average stack. I’d rather get my chips in when I’m more sure. I’ll keep my eye out for that move again.

9:48- And we lose bayne_s. Poor guy. Okay, he just got moved to another table.

9:51- Table has gotten really tight. No flops. I’ll have to take advantage of that.

9:52- mclarich joins the table. Never heard of him.

9:54- Now I don’t like him either. I raise on the button with A8o and he calls from the BB. Flop misses me, T94. He checks, I c-bet, he check-raises. I pretty much knew it was going to happen, so I should have saved my money. Who knows, maybe I would have hit the A on the turn. I’ll file this away and use it to my advantage next time.

9:55- swimmom95 sucks out a chop with AJ vs. AQ preflop. She is Rasputin.

9:59- swimmom95 finally makes the mistake of getting in ahead. AQ vs. J8s. J8 rivers the straight. And we lose our first player. I’m down to T2080, by the way. I don’t like mclarich. I will double through him.

10:00- First break. I’m not sure how much I liked my play. I stole some pots, won a solid one with AA and got myself up to T4660. It all started going downhill when I got in ahead against swimmom95. I don’t have to remind you how bad I am at that. I’ll likely need to be more aggressive in the next hour. I will double through mclarich.

10:05- Loretta8 joins our table. Still unfamiliar. I’ve been away for awhile.

10:08- My M is 10. Do bloggers still talk about Ms?

10:11- KTs. I raise preflop and get two callers. The flop is about as good as it gets, considering I missed it. 743, two diamonds. I’ve got a flush draw and over cards. As long as I’m not up against Aces or a small pair that hit a set, I like my chances. I push. And get called. By Aces. So much for that. The river King must have been Full Tilt’s idea of a joke. I didn’t get to double through mclarich after all. Guess that will have to wait until the next blogger tourney.

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