Spot and Spot of different

Freckles causes are complex, in the medical profession are still mysteries, natural whitening to rescue unreliable.

Allergic skin brown spot often, small inflammatory constantly also be a stimulus to produce excess melanin to form a sheet of light brown stain. Their instability in the skin, tiredness, and upset will deepen; the other hand, will be shallow, and even become obvious. So the most important thing is to choose a moderate stimulus to avoid skin-care products, and careful selection of safe whitening and sun control products.

Day sunburn whitening products in general are against this type of stain, in addition to the Essence and Whitening Mask, but also with specialized products to local potent fade spots.

Acne scar early all shallow, with the horny metabolism will naturally fade. Keratinocytes metabolism if the poor will become difficult under ultraviolet light to eliminate the stain. General as soon as possible the use of whitening lotion, facial mask, or the promotion of skin metabolism can be moderate and avoid stripping horny potent. You can also learn about “where can fillers be used on face“, click here

Plaques of pregnancy by pregnancy-induced endocrine changes, will naturally fade the end of pregnancy. However, because pregnancy does not pay attention to sun-sensitive skin caused by the stain is not included.

Spring remove melasma, so that such a happy mood

If you choose the best year freckle time, it is undoubtedly the autumn and winter. The temperature around 20 ℃, crisp and pleasant, when physical, mental and skin feel comfortable when the most beneficial ingredients of the beauty cream product absorption, but also to repair damaged cells ideal time.

Of course, remove swap spots freckle procedure is only the first step to repair and prevent spots rebound from the white skin is so flawless important aspect. Sleeve opening spots off because at least 20 days, then almost into late autumn or even winter, caused the greatest enemy of spots – UV is no longer wreak havoc, repair and prevention of rebound becomes easy matter.

It is often noted the importance of the summer sun, but few pay attention to the genial warmth of spring sunshine behind the destruction. In fact, the spring sunshine high UV content, together with the omnipresent fluorescent lamps and high frequency of repeated bombing computer, it makes the skin rough bleak and even annoying stain from breeding, so spring must be put on sunscreen mission schedule. But attention is required, effective sunscreen ingredients easy for the effects of skin allergies, so do not promote the use of in the spring. Recommend the use of SPF15 ~ 30 day lotion, skin MOISTURE in ensuring at the same time to achieve the purpose of after-sun repair.

Recommend focus:

Add the purest essence of marine enrichment of the new formula H2O + water Whitening Essence, the underlying skin can-depth, blow loose and inhibit melanin formation, depend on the stability of high concentration of vitamin C to repair deep, uniform color, the skin water Run-white.


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