skyblock coins for sale – How And Where To Buy It


If you want to skyblock coins for sale as an investment option, it is always wise to first understand the value of the different varieties available.

The term “junk silver” may imply lack of value but this is not so.

This is a term that was coined by coin collectors to define silver coins that have no collector’s value, but is valuable as an investment in the eyes of the investor.

These junk silver coins include old US silver containing coins that were minted before the year 1964.

People with both large and small budgets can use these as a way of investment in silver.

Some of these coins include mercury dimes, Kennedy half dollars, silver dollars, and barber quarters among others.

The buying process of these junk silver coins also applies to buying anything else that is made up of silver.

How To Buy Junk Silver Coins

The first step is identifying which silver coin you want to buy from the large variety of junk silver coins.

The best ones that you may want to give priority to include the Mercury dimes, Morgan silver, Roosevelt dimes, or the Kennedy 1964 half dollars.

Secondly, you will need to make a calculation of the current or the prevailing silver value for the junk silver coins that you have opted to buy.

This calculation can be done by simply taking the prevailing silver price and then multiplying it by 0.07234 for the Mercury dimes or 0.36169 for the Kennedy half dollars.

The result is the spot value of the coin. These fractions are arrived at by taking in to consideration the amount of silver content found in each respective coin.

Good to note is that most dealers charge a premium above the coin’s spot value, usually quoting the price in as face value (for instance the Kennedy half dollar may be quoted as having 11.5 face value)

Next, make a thorough online search for the best junk silver coin values being floated on auctions.

In such auctions, you will come across many dealers who may be selling the coins in small quantities, while at the same time offering free shipping.

Make sure to calculate the spot value of the coins on auction and then place a bid that is slightly above this spot value, while making sure to do this for many different lots.

This increases your chances of winning a number of bids.

Finally, also make sure to locally search for these coins, be it in antique shops, pawn shops, flea markets, jewelry stores or even hobby shops.

Doing so may yield results that offer very competitive prices.

The best part about local searches is that you also get to inspect the coins before you even buy them on top of having the chance to negotiate one on one with the seller.

Some of these offline coin collectors and dealers also have vast experience with these coins and can very much educate you if you approach them


Places To Find Junk Silver

Now that you know how to buy junk silver coins, where do you find and buy them?

A good source to buy junk silver from is Regal Assets. Through their website, you can find a wide variety of junk silver, as well as the amounts of it that you require.

Regal Assets is a reputable source and you can comfortably place your order for junk silver when you’re ready to take the next step.

Morgan Dollar – A Silver Coin Classic?

There is a huge selection of different silver minted coins being circulated on the market; among all of the different designs and variations, the Morgan dollar is a United States silver minted coin that was produced from 1878 to 1921.

Since it is one of the silver minted coins that were produced before 1945, it is one of the silver minted coins that have 90% silver content in them, and 10% copper content making them a valuable asset to have around.

Those who are interested in investing in the Morgan dollar will find that there is a plentiful amount of supply on the market.

Depending on the type of style that one is looking for, and the value of the coin that is being sought after, there are plenty reasons to look for

Morgan dollars that are being sold.

The Morgan dollar was named after its designer, the United States Mint Assistant Engraver, named George T. Morgan.

The design of the Morgan dollar portrays a portrait representing Liberty on one side, and an eagle with wings outstretched on the other side.

It is a 26.73 gram coin that is approximately 38 mm in diameter.

Depending on the location that it was produced in, there are different initials engraved on the coins that are able to provide buyers with some background information regarding the history of the coin.

The different engravings will include CC for Carson City, S for San Francisco, O for New Orleans, and D for Denver. Morgan dollars with no engravings on them will normally indicate that the coins were from Philadelphia.

As the history of each coin can be easily traced back in accordance with the date and the engravings found on them, the different years will make a difference to the rarity of the coin and its overall value.

There are many coin collectors that are interested in finding and collecting Morgan dollars that are on the market.

Those who are interested in investing in a Morgan dollar will want to learn about the overall history that the coin and the price of silver had on the nation at that time.

It led to a crisis economically, and many coins were uncirculated while others were quickly melted.

Since there are many different types of coins that are on the market, coin collectors will want to ensure that they are able to find coins of specific years and with specific engravings in order to have the most valuable coin in accordance to supply and demand and rarity.

Generally speaking, the Morgan dollars that have been known to be rarest will include 1889-CC, 1892-CC, 1893, 1893-S, 1894 and 1895-O.

Investors who invest in the coins above will find that they will be able to fetch the most profit on those coins overtime.

In addition, a Morgan dollar of that value will be able to provide most investors with the type of financial security that they are looking for as there are

many offers on the market for those who have these coins at hand. Most sellers are generally not willing to part with these coins as they steadily climb in value.

Investors who are not familiar with the market should highly consider only purchasing coins that were minted in Carson City as they will generally fetch a higher price on the market.

t is also important to have each Morgan dollar authenticated by a grader in order to protect oneself from rip-offs and scams.

Some of these coins have had an annual increase in value since 1950 of 10.81% while others have had a smaller climb in percentage of only around 8.35%. Still, a Morgan dollar is considered to be a great investment for those who are interested in diversifying their financial portfolio allowing it to be more versatile on the market.

As of 2011, different variations of a Morgan dollar will be able to fetch different prices on the market.

Some of the rare coins are going for over a thousand dollars on the market while others are merely reaching a couple hundred dollars.

There is a huge diversity in the coins that are available and the type of coins that are marketable and value. It is important to do research regarding each individual coin before investing.

The Morgan dollar has an interesting history to it that has allowed it to be one of the most frequently transacted silver dollar on the market.

There does lay some confusion in the value of the dollars as different years and different minting cities will result in different prices.

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