LFmagic Wins Full Tilt Poker game289 XX Event 44


Luke Fields, of the UK, who plays as LFMagic, worked his magic at the tables last night to win game289 XX Event #44 for $200,904! FTOPS XX #44 was a 6 max knockout format and featured multi-entries totaling 6,088. At $240 per buyin the total prize pool was brought to $1,217,600, smashing the guarantee of $750,000 by a cool half a million dollars.

This win is a huge breakthrough for Luke Fields, the 21 year old Brit who plays MTT’s for a living. This win takes his lifetime online winnings to over the $300,000 mark. Fields’ attributes his success at the poker table to his background in magic and sleight of hand. According to Fields, magic gives him a deep psychological understanding of the game of poker.

Another of Fields’ keys to success seems to be his love of the game, and willingness to take risks. In 2010 Fields had a roller coaster of a year. After winning $42,000 in a $45K guaranteed rebuy on Stars, Fields had some devastating bad runs at $25/$50 PLO losing over $50,000 in a short period of time. Like a true champion, in December of last year, Fields rallied back, winning the Champion of Champions live event for the GUKPT for £44k ($73,000). Dealing with the swings of 2010 toughened up Fields’ game and helped him bring home this FTOPS title.

Fields was the chip leader most of the final table and knocked out his last two opponents to seal the deal. With blinds at 120,000/240,000 and a 21,000,000 chip stack, Fields won a 4 Million pot from Losewimpie. Fields held 78  versus LoseWimpie with Ad8c on a flop of 7d 5d 6s. The money went in and Field’s top pair was good to make it heads up.

Heads up began with Fields holding 25 Million in chips versus AKHoorash with 5 Million in chips and with blinds still at 120K/240K. With blinds so high it wasn’t long before the money all went in. The board came out 8s 8h 2h 4d 10d. AKHoorash held, Ah 6h for the missed nut flush and 10s 9s for, Fields, for the rivered top pair and the win!  Congratulations to Luke Fields on his FTOPS XX Event #44 win!

Places & Payouts:

  1. LFmagic $200,904
  2. AKHoorash $131,500
  3. losewimpie $96,190
  4. peera87 $68,185
  5. Jurata_Pl $44,393

6.DaHussstla $27,396

7.shopiiaan $17,655

  1. TJ_EDGE $17,655
  2. c h a a a i $12,176
  3. omalos $12,176

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