Is Video Blogging Worth Consideration?

For a while the addition of blog podcasts were quite popular but most of us survived without heading down that track – can we get away with not using videos on our blogs?

There is talk that search engines like Google will start to take into account what you are offering your visitors compared to your competitors. If they are offering videos, images and podcasts then all round experience for their visitors will be better than what your site has to offer. They may well rank higher in the search results.

Whether or not a video of your blog is worth the effort is debatable. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot include videos. Where you can increase the value to your visitors is by including videos and images that complement the text.

Videos in the form of interviews, ‘how to’s’ and demonstrations could be quite valuable to your readers. If the rumoured assessment of sites is put into place then your sites may find themselves ranking higher than do today despite all the SEO work that others sites have in place.

Videos are well worth considering. As I said, I am not sure of the value of just recording a post. It works for some blogs and not others. Providing value is going to be the key and if you can do that with the addition of video material then you have nothing to lose – in fact, if rumour is right, you will have everything to gain.

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