If Your Local Then Concentrate On Local Search

People are tightening their belts and that includes website owners. As I have mentioned in previous posts, take care how far you tighten your belt when it comes to your online activities. The percentage of shoppers who are checking the web before they go shopping is going up everyday.

If you have a local bricks and mortar business with an online presence to promote it; don’t cut your online presence adrift to cut costs. If the current trend continues you could be better off reducing offline advertising first.

Your primary focus needs to be where your customers are. You are a local business so you need a strong presence in the local search results. Your SEO efforts should be focused on the local search engines, local directories and local sites that compliment yours. Your aim is to be first wherever a prospective shopper enters a search term.

For directories and local search, be sure you stand out from the pack. If your not number one, at least standing out will attract the eyes and clicks and hopefully the customers. If your copy is dull, boring, or just a list of keywords, you will not get the traffic.

If your a local business – promote yourself hard in local search to snare all the local search traffic.

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